COMITRONIC-BTI is also a training center.

Two instructors approved by TÜV Rheinland are at your disposal to learn how to use ISO 13849-1 on the one hand and to justify the CE marking of a dangerous machine on the other. At the end of this two-day training session presented below, an examination in the form of a MCQ will allow to issue a personal diploma to the candidates, attesting to their ability to evaluate the objects of the standard to be reached.

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Safety of Machinery ISO 13849-1:


Training, audit, evaluation dossier /

Machinery Compliance / TÜV Certified Training

Benefit N°1:

Training in our premises

Benefit N°2 :

Training in the province

Benefit N°3:

Training on the premises of the client

We realize the technical file ISO 13849-1 of a machine.

In this case an on-site audit is possible or simply by the delivery of the computer documents.

We accompany the customer until the machine is in conformity and until it is ready to receive the CE marking.

We also provide technical solutions to achieve the objectives.

Benefit N°4 :

Compliance of machine documents, issue of the technical file

Benefit N°5 :

On-site audit for the evaluation of the work to be carried out



Training Standards Directives Machines


Select and integrate the machine safety devices in compliance
With the standard NF EN ISO 13849-1
  • Know the regulatory and normative context associated with machine safety control systems
  • Master the associated vocabulary
  • Know the roles of the various actors: manufacturers, integrators, distributors, employers, machine users
  • Understanding the "PL" (Performance Level)
  • Understand the subtleties in terms of categories
  • Understand what a security function is
  • Know how to draw up a technical dossier complying with the regulations
  • Define a safety function based on risk
  • Select the right material
  • Install the hardware correctly
  • Know how to read commercial data, interpret them, foil the "traps"
  • Know how to respond to missing data
  • To be able to estimate the PL of a safety function
Trainer selected by Comitronic-BTI according to the procedure validated by TÜV Rheinland.
  • Introduction:
  • The Universe Machine Directive
  • A universe in motion
  • Each one its place: the responsibilities the obligations of the machine directive the documents related to the machine directive
  • In 954-1
  • Definition of wiring categories
  • Choice of the standard ISO 13849-1 // EN-62061
  • Definition of Plr of a Machine
  • Machine studies
  • Divisions in zones
  • Risk Analysis by Zone
  • Details of parameters (ISO 14121)
  • Definition of Plr.
  • Definition of 13849-1
  • Approach
  • DC / CCF
  • CaT
  • B10d
  • MTTFd
  • PFH
  • Specific exercises:
  • Software studies (systema, sytcom)
  • Product Wiring


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