LED tube light 20W 4000K IP69K in stainless steel316L L605 × ø80 mm

LED tube light with a power of 20W and a lighting colour of 4000K in stainless steel 316L IP69K for harsh environments. Easily replace your neon lights or any other technology with savings on electricity consumption thanks to its LED technology. Diffusion of the light optimized at 180° thanks to its glass which protects more than 164 leds per L605 × ø80 mm tube.

Application :

  • Electrical cabinet
  • Industrial building
  • Agri-food and other factories
  • Parking lot & Car park
  • Public lighting indoors or outdoors
  • And all other places with a harsh environment


Charakteristisch :

  • Stromversorgung: 220VAC
  • IK10 - stoßfest 5 Kilo - Fallhöhe 400 mm - 20 Joule
  • Es wird ein Befestigungskit geliefert, das Folgendes umfasst (Kabel und Ringe zur Befestigung der Beleuchtung)
Ab :
95,00 €


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