GSM/GPRS Dataloggers

GSM/GPRS datalogger with built-in IOs and telecontrol functions
Z-GPRS2 is a GSM / GPRS, multi-protocol wireless unit, with built-in I/O's for high-performance data acquisition, datalogging, commands, measurements and alarms managemente. Applications range include: photovoltaic building automation, M2M telemetry communication. It works stand-alone or networked. Z-GPRS2 operate as Master Modbus unit on RS485 serial ports and GSM/GPRS communication support.
GSM/GPRS datalogger with built-in IOs, telecontrol functions and advanced programming language

Z-GPRS2-SEAL is a GSM / GPRS quad band datalogger, with built-in I/Os and Ethernet interface. The device is configured as master unit of Z-PC Line remote I/O system . Z-GPRS2-SEAL offers high performance for data acquisition, data storage, and wireless data transmission, measurements and alarms. Z-GPRS2-SEAL unit operates as a Modbus master unit on the RS485 serial communication port with wireless GSM / GPRS transmission mode. The software package SEAL (Seneca Advanced Language) allows, based on object oriented programming, enables control logic, automation routines, alarms, thresholds, timers, report management with the possiibility to fully configure and upgrade the device by SIM card or static IP.

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