Elektromagnetische Verriegelung

Elektromagnetische Verriegelung von 580N bis 936N
SUPERMAGNET SM1 - Elektromagnetische Verriegelung
Elektromagnetische Sicherheitsverriegelung mit Haltekraft von 300N bis circa 500N
SUPERMAGNET SM2 - Elektromagnetische Verriegelung aus Edelstahl 316L
Elektromagnetische Sicherheitsverriegelung mit Haltekraft von 820N bis circa 936N
VAM-VIG-07 - Electromagnetic locking with position control
The VAM-VIG-07 is a product allowing to realize a mechanical indexing with a position control. It can be used for indexing on a mechanical assembly, but also to control the closing of SAS, gates etc. The indexing device is controlled by an electromechanical device. The latter is controlled by an ENERGY BOOST circuit increasing the break-out force during unlocking. In order to guarantee lower consumption, the product then switches to ECONOMY mode. The VAM VIG 07 is equipped with an electronic control system that allows a series connection with automatic recognition. It has an M12 output 8 pins of 50cm.

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